Value engineering represents a practical and methodical approach to planning and building that is meant to optimize the value of any project. Typically, when building and project owners think about their budget, they are mainly concerned with the overall cost. However, lowering costs doesn’t always translate to a better value, especially over the entire lifecycle of a building. With value engineering, National Design Build Services is able to maximize function and cost in order to offer clients the best possible value. We work closely with you during the planning phase to identify your goals so that we have a common vision of what represents value for you. From there, our highly skilled engineers will create and implement innovative solutions that offer the best possible combination of function and cost, for lasting value.

The Purpose of Value Engineering

The importance of the design and planning phase of any construction project cannot be underestimated. It allows our design/build team to get to know the specific details and goals of a project so that we can create solutions that meet your criteria. Investing time in this process means that you will not only enjoy a more efficient and cost-effective final product, you will also benefit from a smooth construction process that is free of delays and unexpected costs.

How Value Engineering Projects Work

It all begins with getting to know you and your project. During this initial phase, engineers will gather as much information as possible and work closely with owners to define what value means in terms of your project. From there, our team goes to work brainstorming possible solutions that will reduce both the initial and lifecycle cost of your project. Once a list of alternative solutions has been compiled, the team can begin to evaluate options against the predetermined criteria.

After the project team has evaluated solutions according to certain standards of cost and functionality, they will develop more detailed proposals that look at both the short and long-term consequences of implementing each solution. This portion of the process is meant to be unbiased and includes a transparent examination of advantages and disadvantages so that everyone involved can make a truly informed decision.

Finally, each proposal is presented to the client and together with the value engineering team, they choose which solutions to implement. This measured approach to identifying, developing and evaluating solutions is an invaluable tool that not only speeds up projects, but reduces both initial and lifecycle costs. It also provides an excellent way to incorporate sustainable materials and energy efficient equipment into each project.

Benefits of Value Engineering

Establishes clear expectations. The information gathering step of the process helps to foster communication and ensure that everyone is on the same page moving forward. A clear vision of goals and criteria is essential to any successful project.

Lower cost and better results. A focus on value over cost means that each project will provide maximum functionality for the money invested. Your budget will go further and you will enjoy customized solutions instead of one-size-fits-all systems that may not directly address the challenges of your building or your project goals.

The Lifecycle Advantage

Value engineering means finding the ideal balance between upfront and operational costs. Spending more during the construction process may save you money in the long run. This is something that can easily be determined and optimized during the planning and development phase.

Hassle-free maintenance and fewer repairs. Better construction means longer lasting systems that are specially designed to meet the demands of your building. You can experience the difference of cutting-edge technology and reliable operations that don’t require constant repairs, which means you can also avoid unnecessary downtime.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Installing more energy efficient systems not only cuts down on utility costs and provides a more comfortable environment for workers, it also helps to protect resources and reduce pollution. Value engineering can optimize these features and help your building serve as an example to others.

National Design Build Services

At National Design Build Services, value engineering is simply an natural extension of our services and reflects our commitment to providing clients with the best possible solutions to their HVAC and refrigeration needs. If you would like to learn more about our value engineering projects and how we can help you find the perfect balance between function and cost, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your unique project.