Our Key to Success

Our low overhead approach to a traditionally high overhead marketplace allows us to compete in markets across the country. You will be guaranteed a successful project through our focus on first cost, innovative product offering, energy efficient designs and true hands-on customer service. By utilizing alternative construction management processes in a conventional construction market, we can provide cost effective designs while strategically partnering with national equipment providers and experienced local contractors. We aim for collaborative partnerships in the marketplace to ensure that our high-quality standards are consistently delivered. Our methods ensure that our customers receive the very best of both the design-bid-build and design/build construction processes. Our approach allows for single source responsibility, while still promoting competitive bidding.

The NDBS Guarantee

NDBS is committed to quality assurance through the entire life of the project. We have a systematic approach to quality assurance that employs specific benchmarks and relies on the vigilant expertise of our design team. Throughout the lifecycle of the project, we will evaluate every aspect and take corrective actions when necessary. Instead of relying on a final inspection and providing patchwork solutions, we start on the front-end of every project and work diligently to make sure that all requirements are not only met, but expectations exceeded.

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