At National Design Build Services, safety is not just a set of policies—it’s a culture that is practiced daily. The safety of our people is our #1 priority, day in and day out. Our mandatory PPE policy exceeds industry requirements and our no-tolerance policy for workers at heights establishes our dedication for bringing everyone home safely, every night. NDBS has one of the lowest Experience Modification Ratings (EMR) in the industry, demonstrating our superior track record of injury-free installations. We live our motto, “Safety. Period. We’ll see you tomorrow.”



We work with a 3rd party safety firm to continually review and update safety policies and site installation procedures to ensure that our workers are protected during all tasks. Our Safety department and Project Managers work alongside our customers to refine their protocols to simplify common tasks and maximize efficiencies, while maintaining a secure working environment. NDBS also utilizes the resources of our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and the hundreds of companies they work with to stay current on industry trends. NDBS’ high standards for safety include:

  • A comprehensive Illness and Injury Prevention Program (IIPP) that is evaluated on a yearly basis for changes in industry policies and communicated to all employees
  • All NDBS Site Supervisors carry OSHA 30-hour certifications
  • Engineers carry OSHA 10-hour certifications at a minimum
  • Continual training and certifications in the use of all powered equipment that may be used on site, and other certifications are provided as desired.
  • Site Safety Inspections are carried out by Project Managers on all site visits and any noted deficiencies are discussed with the customer’s representative.
  • All employees are encouraged to provide their insight regarding any procedural changes that should be implemented
  • Weekly safety meetings covering a variety of topics to education and inform
  • Rotating meeting hosts to draw from the wealth of experience we have in-house, from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Extensive employee onboarding training modules that acclimate our employees to the NDBS culture of safety.
  • Pre-construction meetings are held with each subcontractor to discuss expectations, scope and handling of high-risk activities.