United Natural Foods – Gilroy

Gilroy, CA

Project Details


United Natural Foods Inc.

General Contractor



  • Distribution
  • Office


400,000 SQ FT

This facility includes dry storage, cold storage, main office, operations office and a remote truck maintenance facility. The cold storage area was not part of our design scope of work.

The main office is a two-story, 20,124-square-foot area served by one 40-ton package VAV rooftop unit with gas heat, economizer, fan terminal units with electric heat (serving perimeter zones) and variable air volume boxes with electric re-heat (serving interior zones). The IT/Data room is served by a dedicated 4-ton unit. The operations office is a two-story, 11,300-square-foot area served by five constant volume packaged rooftop units totaling 22 tons of cooling capacity and the print room has a dedicated 3-ton cooling unit. The office areas are controlled by a building automation system.

The dry warehouse is a 55-degree indoor temperature (winter) and a summer ventilation rate at one air change per hour. The heating is done with three direct-fired make up air units with factory install non-fused disconnects, motor starters, filter sections, inlet temperature sensors, freeze protection, and industrial control panels with night set back. The summer ventilation system includes three up-blast fans with butterfly dampers, magnetic latches, and motors out of the air stream for serviceability. The fans are interlocked with six combination louver /dampers with flange frames, mill finish, and insect screens. In conjunction with the Summer ventilation, the facility also includes eight HVLS fans.

The engine room is ventilated 24/7 with a direct fired make up air unit interlocked with a roof mounted exhaust fan. The make up air unit also maintains a 58-degree indoor temperature in the winter. The engine room also includes two (2) emergency exhaust fans that are interlocked with a combination louver/damper and they are controlled by the refrigeration control system in the event of an ammonia leak.

The stand alone truck maintenance facility features an office area, truck repair area, and a truck wash bay.