Ulta Beauty

Fresno, CA

Project Details


Ulta Beauty

General Contractor

Clayco Construction


  • Distribution
  • Office


670,000 SQ FT

NDBS engineered the HVAC system for 620,000 square feet of conditioned warehouse, 33,000 square feet of office space and 17,000 square feet of high-pile flammable storage at this California facility. The building included three mezzanine levels within the warehouse that required dedicated cooling and air distribution duct work to maintain worker comfort.

Packaged rooftop units feeding long-throw diffusers deliver conditioned air to the space, while circulation fans within the aisles and HVLS fans throughout the warehouse ensure even temperatures from floor to ceiling. An open-source Building Automation System (BAS) was installed to monitor and control all HVAC equipment.

California has one of the strictest energy and ventilation codes in the country. The HVAC system is designed and controlled such that we were able to use the cool night air for free cooling during the summer months. This “pre-cooling” ability, coupled with the significant mass of the building, lessened the total daytime load on the equipment. The end result was a fully conditioned space with the energy consumption and classification of a semi-conditioned space. NDBS met all the requirements of California codes while significantly reducing energy consumption and utility costs for the tenant.