Triumph Aerospace Manufacturing

Kansas City, KS

Project Details



General Contractor

Clayco Construction


  • Manufacturing


380,000 SQ FT

NDBS engineered HVAC systems for a new construction conditioned warehouse and tenant finish office space in Edgerton, KS.
The tilt-up warehouse facility consisted of a 200,000-square-foot, heated only spec warehouse. The remainder of the facility included a large conditioned machining plant with a supporting office space.

NDBS installed direct fired Makeup air units for the spec warehouse, seventeen 50-ton package rooftop units to serve the machining area and a VAV electric reheat system for the office space.

The machining area included a critical environment area that needed strict temperature and humidity control. NDBS accomplished this utilizing in-space humidifiers and single-zone VAV rooftop units.

In addition to the above, NDBS designed and installed the compressed air system to serve the owner provide machining equipment and designed and installed the gas piping.