SCL Aluminum

Ridgeville, SC

Project Details


Sundaram-Clayton Limited

General Contractor

Clayco Construction


  • Distribution
  • Office


228,000 SQ FT

NDBS engineered HVAC systems as part of a new storage aluminum casting facility for Sundaram-Clayton Limited in Ridgeville, South Carolina.
The 228,000-square-foot building includes 120,000 square feet of furnace casting space, 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space, CMM lab, and a 28,000-square-foot office.

The manufacturing space is served by roof-mounted make-up air units and dedicated rooftop units providing spot cooling to assembly-line workers. A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was performed on the furnace casting space to alleviate hot spots and ensure proper air distribution. The furnace casting space is served by roof-mounted supply fans and exhaust fans in combination with wall-mounted louvers.