Leavenworth, KS

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General Contractor

NDBS - Prime Contractor


  • Mission Critical


4,000 SQ FT

Heatron is a manufacturer of specialized heating elements in Leavenworth, Kansas.

NDBS was tasked with providing the HVAC systems for their new production space. The nearly 4,000-square-foot renovation includes both “clean” and “dirty” areas. The clean room requires tight control of temperature and humidity for precise assembly of components. To accomplish these tight tolerances, the room is served by an indoor air handler with chilled water cooling coil, steam dispersion grid connected to a field mounted humidifier, HEPA filtration, and electric re-heat. Roughly 60 air changes per hour from the laminar flow air distribution system ensure that airborne particulates are minimized while maintaining a positive pressure relationship with the “dirty” chemical etching room adjacent.

The chemical etching space is conditioned via a 100% outdoor air unit mounted on grade just outside of the space for “once-thru” space air. A chilled water cooling coil and natural gas heat exchanger temper this large volume of outdoor air and a variable speed exhaust fan modulates to maintain negative space pressure with respect to the clean room and surrounding manufacturing areas.

The 110 tons of required cooling capacity is provided by an air-cooled chiller with two integral pumps, each capable of handling the pumping duties and thus 100% redundancy to limit down time for the owner. A fully integrated building management system controls and monitors the mechanical systems and provides daily reports for the owner’s records.