McCalla, AL

NDBS engineered HVAC systems as part of a $21.5 million new building on Gestamp’s existing site in McCalla Alabama. The 295,000-square-foot project consisted of 18,000-square-foot, two story office, 3000-square foot CMM Lab, and 265,000-square-foot automotive part stamping area. NDBS installed a process water loop for owner furnished machine cooling. This was accomplished using an open cell cooling tower and plate and frame heat exchanger. The manufacturing floor was conditioned using package-rooftop units and large relief fans for building pressure control. The office space utilized variable air volume package rooftop units. NDBS also designed a water-cooled, compressed-air plant to serve the owner furnished equipment. This plant consisted of two 200 HP variable speed compressors and two refrigerated dryers. The CMM Lab required precise temperature and humidity control that NDBS accomplished by using a package rooftop unit with variable speed supply fan and compressors as well as hot gas reheat. Due to an aggressive construction schedule, NDBS took advantage of a coordinated project in BIM and partnered with Aquatherm to deliver the process water loop piping system in prefabricated spools. Prefabrication was completed in Salt Lake City, Utah and delivered to McCalla, Alabama.




Clayco Construction


Industrial, Commercial


295,000 SQ FT