Creative Werks

Elk Grove, IL

Creative Werks is a manufacturing, co-packing and design firm that maintains SQF level-3 food grade co-packing rooms to provide labor intensive and automated fulfillment for top 100 food brand companies. This facility was an expansion/retrofit of an existing building consisting of approximately 110,000 square feet of conditioned space and 40,000 square feet of heat only space. The design for the conditioned space was to maintain 65° + or – 3° on a 24/7 basis. The conditioned area consisted of a dock/staging area, production area, and a storage area. The installation consisted of thirteen (13) carriers, single-zone VAV packaged-rooftop top units with natural gas heat sections, and DX cooling for a total of 260 tons of cooling capacity. The units were equipped with factory, non-fused disconnects, unit powered GFCI’s, economizers with barometric relief, smoke detectors, phase protection, VFD’s, and 4” filter racks with Meru-8 pre-filters and Meru-11 final filters. The heat only space was serviced by a direct-fired make up air unit. The unit was equipped with a factory non-fused disconnect, motor starter, freeze protection, and inlet air sensor. An exhaust fan was installed in the battery charging area.


Creative Werks


Arco Design Build Chicago


Distribution, Food and Beverage


150,000 SQ FT