Caterpillar Distribution Center DC-3

Spokane, WA

Project Details



General Contractor

Clayco Construction


  • Distribution


600,000 SQ FT

The Caterpillar DC-3 distribution center in Spokane, Washington was NDBS’ second opportunity to work for this multi-national corporation alongside Clayco. The 600,000-square-foot facility operates three shifts around-the-clock to provide parts for Caterpillar equipment in the Pacific Northwest region. The warehouse is ventilated in the summer using thirteen roof-mounted exhaust fans interlocked with twenty-six wall-mounted louvers. Each louver includes an integral actuated damper and washable filter section to keep dust and large particulates from entering the space. In the winter, four 100% direct-fired make-up air units with modulating gas heat and variable-speed fans maintain comfortable temperatures while minimizing energy usage. Six, 24-foot-diameter high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans keep consistent temperatures throughout the warehouse and reduce temperature stratification from the floor to the roof deck.

The three office areas around the building are conditioned using McQuay packaged rooftop units with variable-speed fans and digital scroll compressors for precise capacity modulation. Single-duct VAV boxes with electric reheat provide temperature control for the twenty-five individually controlled zones. An Alerton building management system provides owner control of the office HVAC system from either an operator workstation on site or remotely at any computer with an internet connection and appropriate access credentials. Due to large amounts of snowfall during the winter months, two of the drive-in ramps include radiant heating via dedicated boilers and hot water distribution system that is activated when moisture is sensed on the ramp and outdoor air temperature is below freezing. Air curtains at each drive-in door keep the heat in and the cold air out.