Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Plant

Spartanburg County, SC

Project Details



General Contractor



  • Manufacturing
  • Office


670,000 SQ FT

NDBS was selected as the HVAC design/build partner in the early stages of preconstruction for this plant. We attended multiple design meetings at the client’s overseas location to ensure we captured all of their requirements. The building consists of four major components — manufacturing, laboratories, office, and high-pressure natural gas.

Manufacturing: Due to the proprietary processes involved in manufacturing, NDBS had to achieve a viable design with limited information. Many areas require temperature and humidity control, along with pressurization relationships to ensure air moves from the cleanest spaces out. Low, filtered duct returns keep air and dust moving in a downward manner. Since some areas expected temperatures in excess of 150°F at roof level, a ventilation system is installed with wall-mounted louvers and high-temperature, roof-mounted exhaust fans to ensure adequate heat removal from the space.

Laboratories: Due to the use of hazardous chemicals in multiple locations, these spaces had temperature, humidity, and pressurization requirements. To ensure the negative pressure required and to achieve the ISO 6 and ISO 9 classifications required, we designed a system using 100% outdoor air units, spark proof exhaust fans, and stainless-steel ductwork in conjunction with HEPA fan filtered units.

Office: We designed and installed a system using combination VAV roof top units with electric reheat boxes and single zone constant volume roof top units based on the size of each office and zoning.

High-Pressure Natural Gas: Off the meter, a buried gas main of 100psi and 6” in diameter was run. High pressure branch lines went to the building in multiple locations with pressure reducing stations on the building. From there, the gas was reduced to 5psi for distribution within building.