Aurobindo Pharmaceutical

East Windsor, NJ

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Aurobindo Pharma USA

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Arco Design Build Northeast


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564,000 SQ FT

NDBS engineered and constructed the HVAC system for a new 564,000-square-foot pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage building. The building consists of 323,00 square feet of temperature-controlled storage space, 41,000 square feet of ISO-classified pharmaceutical packaging, and 200,000 square feet of heat only warehouse for future manufacturing expansion.

For the sensitive pharmaceutical products being stored in high-pile storage racks, NDBS designed a system that includes in-rack ductwork, in-rack ventilation fans, 24’ HVLS destratification fans and a validatable monitoring system separate from the HVAC BMS system. We designed a system of circulation fans to have higher than normal air movement to ensure proper air mixture with even temperatures throughout the space. By using circulation fans to accomplish proper air mixture in the high-volume warehouse space, the DX cooling equipment is expected to run less for a net energy savings.

The ISO-classified spaces consisted of ISO 8 and CNC. Up to 20 air changes per hour are supplied by HEPA filtered grilles. Multiple packaging lines have maximum humidity requirements of under 30%. In order to meet a completion schedule of less than 5 month from start – multiple, smaller desiccant dehumidification units were used to increase lead times.