Amazon Fresh

Bethpage, NY | Dallas, TX

Project Details


Amazon Fresh

General Contractor

CMC Design Build


  • Distribution
  • Office


139,000 SQ FT

Each of these projects included tenant improvements to existing warehouses, all consisting of warehouse space, refrigerated space, and office space. A bakery room was also included in the design. Refrigerated areas include a freezer, meat cooler, deli room, produce rooms, chilled storage, and chilled loading dock.
NDBS engineered and installed the HVAC and refrigeration systems to meet the specifications required by the client. The warehouse was conditioned and air movement was optimized by the installation of high-volume-low-speed fans in specific locations.

The refrigeration systems and piping were designed to meet the client’s required temperatures, design criteria, and redundancy. Air curtains were installed at dock doors and man doors to reduce infiltration of warm air and insects into the refrigerated spaces. Office spaces were conditioned and zoned for comfort using both variable volume and constant volume systems. The bakery was conditioned with a dedicated outdoor air unit, capable of providing temperature and humidity control, and bakery oven exhaust installed.