Why Choose Build Design Construction?

The short answer? Design-build provides quality and energy efficient systems with a great return on investment due to increased energy efficiency, as well as minimizing their environmental footprint. But truly, there are countless other reasons why one would choose the design/build approach. Here’s our top reasons why:

Work closely with an integrated team of experts who are led by a project manager. When you partner with design build firms you don’t have to worry about hiring separate design, installation and maintenance teams. All your needs are covered under one contract and our team will be with you throughout the entire project. Our extensive pre-construction planning process is designed to set each project up for success and we will continue to monitor progress throughout the construction process and make any adjustments as necessary.

Customized solutions that are specially designed for your building. BIM technology means that we can view precise measurements of every aspect of our building and design a system that not only fits your space, but also all your heating and cooling needs. This allows us to utilize every inch of your building.

Faster turnaround times. With our expert engineers and advanced technology, we can quickly design customized HVAC systems and streamline the installation and construction process. With a systematic approach to design and construction, we are able to offer fast turnaround times that will help keep your project ahead of schedule.

Peace of mind. For any project owner, the construction process can be a stressful time. There is a lot of time and money invested and even small mistakes can cause costly delays. When you take advantage of NDBS’ design and build services, you can feel confident from the start that you have a solid plan in place. From there, the project manager will work to ensure success so that you can feel comfortable turning your project over to our team.

More cost effective solutions from start to finish. Design and build construction services actively weigh the relationship between cost and function so that the most cost effective solutions are implemented throughout the building. Smarter construction also results in more efficient systems that will reduce operational costs so that you will continue to experience savings for years to come.

Conscientious building with an eye towards the future. At NDBS, we work with our clients and internationally recognized organizations to provide environmentally friendly solutions that work to conserve resources and create buildings that support the health of both people and the environment.

Healthy, comfortable work environments that protect products and increase productivity. Whether you need highly sensitive humidity control to protect valuable inventory or you want to provide the cleanest and healthiest environment for your workers, our design-build contractors can provide sophisticated solutions that support all your needs.