Direct Digital Control System Services

Direct digital control (DDC) systems are an integral part of operating a HVAC system in a large, commercial building. These systems allow important system performance data to be sent to a central platform where programming is executed to meet owner’s conditioning criteria. A clear architecture of operation allows for the entire HVAC system to operate more efficiently and create a comfortable building that provides the ideal temperature and humidity levels throughout the day. At National Design Build Services, we can help you design, implement and maintain a DDC system that best fits your building and provides optimal energy efficiency.

HVAC systems have become more sophisticated and better able to meet demands for performance and efficiency.  This also means that they rely on more complex controls that require a knowledge of both HVAC equipment capability and functionality. Our experts are well-versed in the intersection between these two fields and can help design a DDC system that optimizes and automates performance.

How DDC Controls for HVAC Work

The DDC system consists of a centralized station and unit controllers that create a network that monitors different areas of the building and all equipment on the network. Space sensors collect information such as temperature and humidity readings, and send it back to the main controller where it is quickly processed. Based on the data collected, the controller may trigger HVAC actions in order to improve conditions in that area of the building. The network can easily communicate with valves, actuators and other important mechanical components in order to make the necessary adjustments.

Both digital and analog data are collected and put to use by the DDC system. Digital input is used in cases where equipment is simply started or stopped. Analog inputs are used for other sensing devices that measure factors that can vary more easily, such as pressure, humidity and temperature. Analog data and network points are used to adjust controls for more subtle changes rather than simply enabling or disabling a device. Each type of data serves an important role in the overall performance of the DDC system.

Control Logic in DDC Systems for HVAC

While the HVAC DDC control system provides a centralized processor and user interface where facility managers can monitor operations and make adjustments, the vast majority of actions are automated according to specific control logic. The entire system is fully programmable and able to quickly implement specific actions based on the data collected from the digital and analog sensors. Once proper programming has been completed, the system will know what actions to take based on incoming data.

Ultimately, this means that problems can be addressed rapidly and adjustments can be made almost immediately in order to maximize energy efficiency. It also means that the facility manager won’t have to spend as much time actively monitoring the system. In fact, certain alarms and timers can be put in place to send warnings to the right personnel when the system may need attention.

Troubleshooting HVAC Problems with DDC Systems

In addition to energy and operational efficiency, DDC provides the added benefit of simplified system troubleshooting. With so much data being collected and transmitted throughout the network, it is easier than ever to pinpoint problems and initiate repairs. Even if the HVAC expert isn’t able to identify the exact malfunction, they will be able to significantly narrow down the causes and location of the problem. This translates into faster repairs and less downtime.

Remotely Control Your HVAC System

Using a static IP address or VPN connection, you can monitor and adjust your HVAC system from any remote location with an internet connection. It is easy to view data on any device on the network and quickly make adjustments as needed.  With user friendly operator-machine interfaces, it is easy to read data, make informed decisions, and trigger actions even when you are out in the field.

If you operate a large commercial building or you are about to invest in a new build, be sure that you understand the benefits that DDC controls may be able to offer your HVAC system. This cutting edge technology capitalizes on network architecture, data collection and control logic to provide comprehensive monitoring and automated adjustments. DDC controls make it easy to create a comfortable climate which is also energy efficient and fully customizable.

Call us today to learn more about HVAC DDC control systems and how NDBS can help you take advantage of this great tool. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your project.