Construction Management Services

Overseeing a large construction project requires mastery of a wide range of skills.  No matter how much time and effort is put into the preconstruction and design phase, every construction project is a dynamic entity that is constantly changing and presenting new challenges on a daily basis. A project manager must be able to maintain a larger view of the progress of a project while also troubleshooting problems as they arise. At National Design and Build Services (NDBS), we offer expert construction project management services so that you can confidently turn your project over to us and know that you will see results.

Construction Manager Responsibilities

Construction project managers are in charge of organizing and coordinating both human and material resources so that projects stay on time and on budget. This is a tremendous responsibility and requires a thorough understanding of the construction process in general and the specific requirements of each individual project. The right manager should be well-versed in all the latest management technology and techniques, along with the ability to quickly adapt to any situation. They need to be able to handle conflicts among workers, practice strong communication skills and demonstrate a strong knowledge of the project objectives.

While the construction manager and their team will be involved during the preconstruction and design phase, their job really begins once the building plans have been finalized and the project is ready to begin. At this point, the manager is responsible for assembling teams of contractors to handle different aspects of the scope of work. Partnering with the right contractors is essential to ensuring the success of a project.

It is up to the project manager to thoroughly vet proposals during the bidding process and identify the best possible contractors. While it might be tempting to take the lowest bid, that may not always be the best decision or ultimately result in the most cost savings. Poor quality work could cause more problems down the line and negate any initial savings. An experienced project manager will be able to weigh all the different factors involved in the decision-making process and choose the best contractors for each step of the construction process.

Construction Project Management Process

Once the initial design and bidding processes have been completed, our project management services kick into high gear. The design team and project manager will work closely to design a detailed plan that includes:

  • Clear objectives
  • Specific milestones
  • Detailed timeline for completion
  • Key performance indicators and deliverables
  • Clear communication roles, expectations and tools
  • Risk management plan that seeks to anticipate and plan for any setbacks

This planning phase is essential to setting up a framework for success and will ensure that all parties involved share that same expectations. A strong leader and project manager will capitalize on this step in the process with the knowledge that it will go a long way to avoid problems once construction is underway.

During the construction and execution phase, project management takes on even more importance. The manager must be working to constantly update schedule as circumstances change, communicated with all team members, track progress and much more. They are essentially on duty throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

As part of our comprehensive services, we also focus on efficient and sustainable building. The project manager will work to ensure that these standards for performance and efficiency are being met throughout the construction process so that you can enjoy a building that runs better and costs less.

Wrapping Up a Project

During the final phase of our construction management services, we will sit down with you and discuss the entire project. This is our chance to evaluate performance and discuss any areas that could have gone more smoothly. Not only is this information helpful to us moving forward, it also gives us a chance to make any final corrections to help make sure that all your needs have been met. We also offer continued support and a variety of maintenance services that can help keep your building and HVAC system running at an optimal level. This final meeting is the perfect time to schedule regular maintenance and inspection services.

At NDBS, our construction project management experts are committed to their field and engage in on-going education so that they can offer the latest tools and techniques along with years of on-the-job experience. We understand the importance of the preconstruction and planning phases to the overall success of a project, which is why we begin with detailed renderings, budgets, communication plans and risk management protections. When you partner with NDBS for your construction management needs, you can expect the best in planning, monitoring and execution service that will guarantee a successful project that finishes on time without any unexpected costs.

Call us today to learn more about our construction project management and other services. We can schedule a consultation and begin discussing your objectives and project requirements. Don’t hesitate any longer. Work with the best and get started on your construction project.