BIM Modeling Services

Technology has helped the engineering, construction and building industries advance by leaps and bounds in recent years. Building information modeling (BIM) is now an integral part of designing safer and more efficient commercial buildings. At National Design Build Services, we use the latest BIM and 3D modeling software to create accurate and detailed models of our systems that are impressively realistic. Our models can be incorporated with the models from other trades to build a virtual building with each system accounted for. This allows the project team to coordinate and collaborate in real-time through every step of a project. The result being an efficient construction process with limited obstacles to overcome on site, during construction. BIM modeling ensures a successful and efficient build that is completed on time and on budget.

The team at NDBS recognizes the value of Building Information Modeling (BIM) as an important tool for streamlined construction and the overall success of a project.  With our BIM modeling services, we are equipped with the tools and cutting-edge technology necessary to streamline your construction process and provide the best possible results. Large buildings rely on complicated mechanical systems that require precise coordination for simplified installation. BIM allows us to take both a macro and micro approach evaluate the feasibility of installation during the conceptual phase. The ability to thoroughly comb through every detail of a project means that both space and functionality are constantly being optimized and cost saving solutions are implemented throughout the building.

Custom Design and Construction through BIM

Every project, building and customer is different. We specialize in offering customized solutions that meet your specific requirements. During the preconstruction and design phase, we will work closely with your team to identify goals and use our expertise to provide ideal solutions that also take into account budgetary and scheduling concerns.

Time is money, especially when it comes to construction. That is exactly why we rely on the power of BIM modeling to create detailed plans that can be translated into action. Investing the time in 3D BIM modeling saves significant time during the construction process and helps to ensure a more precise, efficient and purpose-driven building.  NDBS produces highly accurate 3D models of our ductwork, piping systems and equipment for integration into a complete building model. Construction costs and installation interferences are reduced by identifying areas of conflict early in the design process, limiting delays in the field and ensuring completion dates are met.

How BIM Works

BIM allows us to create detailed digital representations and renderings of buildings and all their important mechanical systems and components. During the design process, changes can easily be made and the BIM will show how one adjustment will affect the rest of the system. This provides a detailed view of the entire system and helps during the decision-making process. Understanding and visualizing the complex nature of construction and infrastructures can be a daunting task. BIM simplifies the entire design process and allows for quick, well-informed design decisions and don’t involve any guesswork.

In the past, engineers had to rely on two-dimensional drawings that made it difficult to fully understand spatial relationships and accurately predict how well a system would function. In a best-case scenario, problems could be corrected during the construction process, but even this could involve delays and additional materials that could send the project behind schedule and over budget. If infrastructure problems weren’t caught during construction, the result was an inefficient building that didn’t deliver on promises and may require constant maintenance and repairs. With BIM, all that is a thing of the past. As BIM technologies become even more advanced, models will incorporate critical information for building owners and facility managers with equipment operation and maintenance information available at the click of a mouse.

The BIM Modeling Revolution

With the introduction of BIM and 3D modeling, builders can now virtually tour a project before a shovel ever enters the ground. The software offers viewers the opportunity to move around the building and examine the model from every angle. This allows for the other important dimensions of cost and time to be taken into consideration. In fact, the software will immediately alert designers if there is a potential problem in their renderings that would cause systems to clash in certain areas of the building. BIM provides both a safety net and an accurate design tool that has vastly improved the construction process and helped projects avoid pitfalls that were once considered all too common.

Successful Projects Rely on Coordination

There are an infinite number of considerations that must be taken into account when designing a building that relies on water, electricity, gas and other utilities to create a clean and comfortable climate that supports the health of the workers and the surrounding environment. BIM modeling simplifies project management efforts and allows a wide range of teams to easily coordinate and collaborate for a smooth construction process that allows all these different working parts to come together. Every step of a project can be carefully sequenced to optimize efficiency and allow teams to avoid getting in each other’s way. Ultimately, this also means that workers are safer during the construction process.

Being able to fully visualize the end result of the construction process provides a powerful tool that both solves problems and speeds up the entire construction process. If issues arise during the actual construction, managers can quickly turn to the BIM model and make the necessary changes. Analytic tools can then predict the outcomes of certain changes and provide a clear picture of potential impacts. This speeds up the problem-solving process and allows for a constant monitoring of the project from start to finish.

Now imagine the amount of time and labor that would go into ordering all of the HVAC ductwork and components for a large commercial building. A simple mistake could result in a surplus or deficit of necessary parts that could have a major impact on the progress of the project. BIM is data driven and can instantly provide important information, such as the specific dimensions and quantity of parts needed. In addition, these numbers are constantly updated as the project unfolds, so that the entire team is always working from the most up-to-date model. This eliminates waste and makes the most out of both parts and labor.

Go Mobile with BIM Services

BIM is powered by cloud-computing, which means that the plans will always be at your fingertips. You can access the model from practically any device and from anywhere in the world that has an internet signal. This makes it easy to quickly collaborate while on-site or to communicate with the team while you are at the main office or even traveling. All the of the data will be safely saved and secured, so there is no danger of losing progress that has been made during the design process.

Put Experts at the Helm of Your Building Project

Ultimately, even the best software is only a tool, which means that it is only as good as the engineer behind it. While a lot of what we do involves technology and rough materials, we are a people driven company. That means a team of highly skilled and experienced builders who are committed to the success of your project. Using the latest technology is just another way we work to better serve our clients.

If you want to learn more about NDBS and our BIM modeling services, contact us today. We would love to discuss your project and how our comprehensive preconstruction and 3D modeling services can help to set you up for success. All it takes is a phone call to connect with one of our experts and schedule a consultation.