Mallinckrodt Elementary

St. Louis, MO

NDBS designed and managed the retrofit of an HVAC system for St. Louis Public School District that was nearly 75 years old. The 34,000-square-foot renovation included the removal and replacement of a custom-made, multi-zone air handling unit that had served the building since 1938. It had no cooling capabilities and heated the building using steam radiation. Working with a local MBE mechanical contractor, NDBS installed two new custom air handling units providing 50% redundancy, a central air-cooled chiller plant to supply conditioned air to the building, a hot-water boiler system with heating loop connected to single-duct VAV boxes, and a new temperature controls system to automate operation. The demolition and retrofit was completed in 10 weeks during the summer break and was fully functional for the first day of school.


St Louis Public School District


NDBS - Prime Contractor




34,000 SQ FT